dear friends.
we saved up another studio video for you! it’s kinda like our closing update for 2011 and again it’s been shot and cut by our friends bernd and matthias, who are currently working on a short documentary on 10 years of ASTPAI. so far, the whole thing looks absolutely amazing and it will be out along with our upcoming full length “Efforts & Means” in may 2012.

ASTPAI – “Efforts & Means” – NEW ALBUM Part II:

ASTPAI – Efforts & Means” – NEW ALBUM Part I:

again, we wanna thank everyone for an incredible year 2011 and we hope you’re all having a great new years eve. we’ll keep posting new tourdates, as well as updates on the upcoming split release with ANTS! throughout january, so make sure you stop by every once in a while!

all the best
zock, marco, bernhard, toni

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